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Jamie Denyer
Connor's helping hand

Are you bored and tired of being told what you want to “hear”? Being given a whole lot of promises with a whole lot of disappointments at the end? Listening to people who have read some books and are just “passing” on the message without actually experiencing what it is they’re talking about, and saying it because it sounds deep, or it sounds good?

I don’t say what people want to hear, I say what people need to know!! There is no sugar coating, and there is no holding back- although it’s very forth rite, it’s what gains me an enormous amount of respect! I don’t want to promise you the high spec materials to build your dream house.. I want to give you materials of concrete and cement to build a rock solid foundation on which to build your dreams and ambitions on- no matter how beautiful the house is, it WILL fall if the “foundation” isn’t solid.

Connor's helping hand

And thirdly, it’s what, but importantly WHO inspires, motivates, fuels and drives me that most speakers do not have… My nephew & Friend, Connor! When murder of a loved one, and the grief, pain, anguish, loss, injustice and destruction that follows, and a promise made to your taken loved one is your “reason”. Then you can see WHY “Connors helping hand” is so different and impacting.

There are speakers out there that speak about their business.. Speaking IS my business!