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Motivating your team

Motivating your team Everything we do and the quality of our work stems from what motivates us, or the lack thereof. Motivating your team can make their work much more enjoyable and often seem easy. Therefore increasing their overall performance and which in tern skyrockets motivation. A motivated

Bullying must be stopped

Connor's Helping Hand Bullying
Bullying Must Be Stopped Bullying Must Be Stopped in the UK as statistics show how severe the problem really is! At Connor’s Helping Hand we do specific talks around Bullying and the devastating effects it can have on people living in the UK every single Day. Why let our society grow up in fea

Benefits of a motivational speaker?

Benefits of a motivational speaker? So why choose a motivational speaker like Jamie Denyer (Connor’s Helping Hand)? Businesses now are realizing the importance of professional motivational speakers who’ll have the ability to grow to be business advisors and promote the organizational dev