Find out what I did with my business in the worst economical time in modern history, that was completely out of the normal, and proves when I talk about “going above and beyond what others are doing, in order to help others” I walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. Hear how it lead to local & national newspaper coverage, national magazine articles, national awards won, radio interviews and ultimately, a BBC TV programme made about it (with a series offered but declined) and inspired people in Australia, America & Canada to do the same!

“Building your business is “hard work” but do not neglect to do your “heart work”


“Jamie Denyer is an incredible motivational speaker. I know he does great work with children and young adults, but I saw him speak to a room full of business owners. He was amazing. He has taken tragedy and made it into a tool for positive change. I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough to anyone and everyone. I was not expecting…”

Toby Hewson – Creator Of Sharktrooth




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