1 Punch, 1 Murder, Many Destroyed Lives




1 Punch Can Kill

After my life was turned upside down and changed forever on April 14th 2012, this was the date my my dearly beloved nephew, Connors life was taken by a single punch I decided, in the direct aftermath to try and stop this from happening to as many families as I could.


1 punch murder & manslaughter is a very much under the radar but on the rise killer, that is taking lives of innocent people the world over. It’s thrown from either behind, or the side so the recipient doesn’t see it coming, that’s why it’s called “THE COWARDS PUNCH” or from directly in front of you without any warning! The recipient received the blow, can’t stop themselves from falling full weight to the floor, and their head is the last thing to make contact with the floor.







Connor's helping hand

There’s allot of emphasis put on knife and gun crime in today’s society, and rightly so. But not it’s only a very small percentage that carry these.. EVERYBODY carries their fists with them 24/7/365 and there are no boundaries to where this can happen, or indeed who it can happen to.


A violence loving thug throws a punch for the fun of it and takes a life with a single punch, or a hardworking, academic university student who has had too much alcohol makes a split second drunken decision to hit someone, takes a life with a single punch!! NO BOUNDARIES!


So, what can we do to stop such tragedies? EDUCATE! The person throwing the punch usually don’t understand the severe consequences. I have made it my duty to get out there, and educate people about the killer 1 punch and the devastation it brings on families.



Chrissy B Show
Published on Apr 11, 2016


We show you the devastating events of what one mindless act can do.

On Saturday, 14th of April 2012, 3 boys took 19-year-old Connors Saunders’ life in an unprovoked attack. One of them was 13 years old, and two of them 14 years old. The battle for justice continues.

It’s a story that needs to be told and that’s why his uncle Jamie Denyer passionately talks about the tragic event and what he is doing about it almost 4 years on.






Prison / Youth Offending Institute

Jamie has done many inspiring talks in prison’s and YOI’s, educating and inspiring people to make the right choices in life. Jamie received his name ‘The Grief Preacher’ in prison where he holds a strong relationship with his powerful positive attitude.

School / College / University

Jamie’s nephew Connor was murdered by the fist of a 14 YEAR OLD BOY! If this boy was educated and had an understanding of the devestating effects would Connor be dead now? That is a question that cant be answered as it is simply too late!

But it is not too late to help others and help prevent this from destroying other families.

Its about inspiring young people to make something of themselves and be the best person they can in life.

Traveller Community

It is no secret that the gypsy community often settle a disputes with their fists. This often turning into a devastating outcome for families involved. It only takes one punch to kill, a family broken for a lifetime of grief. Another family broken because of the imprisonment of the One Punch Murder.

Jamie is a familiar face in a lot of Gypsy sites as he continues his quest to educate and prevent one punch murder.