With lives of diverse ages being destroyed , and even lost due to this horrendous global issue, it’s time to say NO MORE…

Bullying, of any kind must stop!  After conducting anti bullying workshops in schools, colleges and universities, I have gained a sympathy and understanding from both sides of this issue. This makes for an explosive session. Sympathy, support and motivation are given to the side of the “bullied” along with working on “self worth” and importance!  And, emphasis, directness, advice and guidance are given to the “bully” to give maximum impact in this workshop.

I myself have experienced “inspiration” from the ‘bullied’ when they’ve told me what they’ve been through and are still standing. With them adding that my workshop/talk has given them hope, and motivation to “achieve” their dreams. I also experienced “respect” for the ‘bully’ themselves when they have admitted to me their wrong doings, and showed a want and desire to change their ways.



Connors helping hand motivational talks, can help students in a variety of ways. This ranges from “motivating” them before their upcoming exams, right through to supporting them through their dysfunctional family culture.

It helps them make the right choices within their lifestyle, why they need to change, and how they can change in the smallest of ways to bring about the biggest differences! We Look at How your “character” can take you further than you ever imagined. And how you’re always on show, no matter if you’re on social media, or indeed in the flesh.

“I don’t want your skill or talent take you, where your “character” can’t keep you”

Now I know that going to a new school, College or even University can be a real struggle and a daunting time. Just remember what you have done to Get There- You have already succeeded. You have gained the strength and confidence needed to get the results to put you in your place.
I can help you keep that positive mind-set and use it to drive your potential into the next stage of your life.